Magic Flower

  • 2022
  • paper mache, wire, plaster, collage, acrylic colour
  • height 97cm
  • Price of the artwork: 4000 euros

    To make my papier-mâché I mix my newspaper with glue, water and plaster.
    I put on several layers that I let dry each time. Then I apply a layer of plaster.


      Laure Mackel was born in Luxembourg. In 1994, she graduated in Graphic Arts at Penninghen (Académie Julian), Paris after two years of preparatory studies and three years of specialisation. Back in Luxembourg, she set up her own studio as an independent artist. Since then, she has been making papier-mâché sculptures. Very quickly, papier-mâché became her passion and her technique, developed after years of research and experimentation, also allows her to create very solid monumental works such as the "Business Woman" for Ernst&Young, created in 2017, or the "3 Graces" for the Deutsche Bank, created in 2007, among many others.

      Artistic approach

      Laure is very much inspired by nature, creating imaginary animals and plants, but also human beings with long eyelashes and a full mouth, always with a touch of humour. Her creations are both realistic and surreal.


      Her technique consists of mixing newspaper with water, glue and plaster, but she prefers to keep the details of her work a secret.


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