• 2022
  • Painted brass
  • 75 x 73 cm
  • Price of the artwork: 5000 euros


      Born in Madrid in 1979, Teresa de la Pisa studied fashion design at the Instituto Européo di Design Madrid. After completing her studies, she worked as a fashion designer until 2008, when she incidentally began her career as a sculptor and jeweller. Since then, her work can be found all over the world, for example at Bergdorf Goodman New York since 2013. Teresa currently lives in Luxembourg with her family and is expanding professionally in Northern Europe.

      Artistic approach

      Her skill with her hands allows her to elaborate all kinds of volumes and heights in a very artisanal way. Influenced by the ocean floor and tropical vegetation, Teresa makes trees, plants and leaves with a self-taught technique that has led her to make several magazine covers.


      Inspired by her jewellery making, Teresa has developed a self-taught technique that includes hammering brass.


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