Association De Mains De Maîtres Luxembourg

Princesse Stéphanie
Présidente d'honneur
S.A.R. La Grande-Duchesse héritière
M. Roland Kuhn
Administrateur délégué de KUHN S.A.
Mme Françoise Thoma
Directeur général et Présidente du Comité de direction de Spuerkeess
M. Tom Wirion
Directeur général de la Chambre des Métiers du Luxembourg

Following the resounding success of the great exhibition held at 19 Liberté in December 2016, and with a view to perpetuating the commitment to creators and craftsmen, Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess Heiress, the Chambre des Métiers du Luxembourg, Spuerkeess and Mr. Roland Kuhn created in May 2017 the non-profit association De Mains De Maîtres Luxembourg.

The association De Mains De Maîtres Luxembourg aims to continue and develop the action, initiated in 2016 by H.R.H. the Hereditary Grand Duchess, to organize a large exhibition in the heart of Luxembourg that lists and brings together the creators and craftsmen practicing in the Grand Duchy and its Greater Region.

Among the missions of the association, the first is to perpetuate the exhibition "De Mains De Maîtres" whose reputation extends beyond the borders and become a true Biennial of the Crafts allowing to build indispensable bridges between the main actors of the various European countries.

The vocation of the association De Mains De Maîtres Luxembourg is also to export the crafts and the artisanal know-how of Luxembourg. Complementing and reinforcing this biannual event in the heart of the Grand Duchy, the association is developing a program of exhibitions abroad, proposing to present each year a selection of Luxembourgish craftsmen in the different European capitals, according to the major events specific to each country or in the heart of embassies and other prestigious places.

The association also favors the transmission of skills and know-how, which is essential for the preservation of these professions. It has created scholarships for excellence that allow future or experienced craftsmen to improve their skills abroad. These scholarships, awarded at regular intervals, are partly financed by the proceeds of the exhibitions, in which all the works presented can be acquired.

Thus, the association De Mains De Maîtres Luxembourg wants to be a real driving force for the preservation and development of Luxembourg's crafts, both in the heart of the Grand Duchy, and beyond its borders, throughout Europe, and tomorrow internationally.

our mission

De Mains De Maîtres' ambition is to promote crafts in the Grand Duchy, to make these skills known beyond the borders in order to create links and allow the transmission of gestures and traditions.

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