• 2021
  • hemp, silk thread
  • 58 x 60 cm
  • Price of the artwork: 2050 euros

    The Saxons, ancestors of the Luxemburgers, who came to Transylvania from the Mosel Valley in the 12th century, brought with them their way of dressing and kept it as an element of identity. They used hemp, which offers comfort and endurance.

    The blouse created was inspired by an original piece from the Astra Sibiu Museum (Hermannstadt) and uses an old original Saxon technique "smocks".


      Stefania Atanasiu, embroidery artist, born in 1975 in Bucharest (Romania), has been living in Luxembourg for 5 years. She has a degree in legal science and started embroidery 6 years ago, inspired by traditional Romanian blouses. She works as a self-taught artist, as a member of the Association "Semne Cusute" (Signes Cousus), with which she has participated in international exhibitions.


      Artistic approach

      Stefania's embroidered blouses represent, above all, a particular language by combining various ancient embroidery techniques, made of natural threads (silk, linen, wool, hemp and metallic thread) on equally natural fabrics (hemp, linen, silk) harmonizing colours and traditional patterns.


      In sewing, smocks are embroidered dots that decorate the garments and have the structure of a honeycomb. The blouse is made 100% by hand, using hemp, silk thread and traditional solutions for the hems and smocks.


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