Karesansui series 1 - MOSS GARDEN

  • 2020
  • Multiple layers of enamelled glass
  • thermobonding
  • thermoforming
  • 38,5 x 23 cm x H 22 cm
  • Price of the artwork: 2700

    This series is called Karesansui.

    Karesansui is a Japanese garden where there is an atmosphere of meditation and contemplation to ensure a divine relationship with the gods. These gardens are found around Buddhist temples. Two essential elements characterise the gardens; calm and abstraction.


      Camille Jacobs lives and works in Keispelt, Luxembourg. It is through a long process of experimentation that Camille developed her passion for the complex and sometimes unpredictable material of glass. Trained in the art of stained glass (St. Luke's Institute in Ghent and the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp), she developed her interest in flat glass towards three-dimensional objects with pure forms and often geometric inspiration. Her particular works were soon exhibited throughout Europe as far as Japan and even Australia.

      Artistic approach

      Nature, the environment and its dangers, the history of art are her sources of inspiration; she explores the notion of abstraction in relation to the colour and its theories. Shapes, dimensions and colours come together in harmony.


      Camille's creations are made of multi-layers of flat glass coloured with enamel. Different patterns and colours are sprayed by hand on each layer of glass. This application is fired in a kiln. The glass sheets are then fused together in a kiln to form a flat, homogeneous mass. This compact mass of glass is then shaped by thermoforming and finished by polishing.


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