Red marble

  • 2021/2022
  • Fine merino wool, silk fibres and linen yarn 
  • 50 cm high - diameter 38 cm
  • Price of the artwork: 1300 euros

     A traditional, marbled vase, solid and smooth on the surface, inviting the observer to come closer to discover a soft and fine, yet firm, material... hand-dyed merino wool and fine silk fibres.


      Carine Mertes was born in Luxembourg, where she lives and works in her workshop in Boudersberg (Dudelange). Her passion for textile work led her to the technique of felting wool. After an intensive training in Germany, she was awarded the certificate of creative felting.
      She transforms wool, a natural and renewable material, in combination with noble fibres, such as silk and linen, into unique pieces. Her regular collaborations with other craftsmen illustrate the diversity of felt.

      Artistic approach

      An object broken down to be reconstructed, regaining an altered form. The image of a perfect world that we want to see and have, reconstructed, rethought, that invites us to rethink our path and enter into a dialogue with everyday life, to engage in change.... Rethink, reorient and discover!


      The work was made using the technique of felting with soap and water.


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