• 2021
  • L 66cm
  • Porcelain and leather
  • Price of the artwork: 300 euros

    Handmade shapes in white high temperature liquid porcelain.


  • 2021
  • L 95cm
  • Porcelain and leather
  • Price of the artwork: 320 euros

    Handmade and interwoven porcelain pieces

    Série Noir

  • H 12,5cm ø 37cm
  • White porcelain
  • Price of the artwork: 350 euros

     Handmade "pinching", carved and treated with different engobes, pigments and oxides. High temperature.


  • 2022
  • L 57cm
  • Porcelain, leather, wire and metal
  • Price of the artwork: 320 euros

    Porcelain pieces, glazed at high temperature.


      Argentine-Italian, born in Buenos Aires, Gabriela has lived in Luxembourg since 1990. From her beginnings at the Nagare School of Japanese ceramics in Buenos Aires (Argentina), to the Academy of Fine Arts in Arlon (Belgium), she has attended various workshops and schools of ceramics, oil and porcelain painting, history of art and jewellery, always contributing to enrich her creativity.

      Artistic approach

      As a ceramist and designer of contemporary jewellery, Japanese ceramics taught her the delicacy of gestures and forms, but her work evolved towards porcelain, as a basic material and carrier for painting, which she taught to young people and adults. The search for new materials, shapes, definitions, spaces and colours led her to the creation of contemporary jewellery, incorporating different elements, notably metal, leather, glass or fabrics.


      Starting with ductile, malleable, delicate, translucent porcelain and through a path of interactions, imagination, creativity, learning and unexpected results produced by the material itself, she creates a work that incites curiosity, provokes surprise and generates sensations.


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