LR4 - Lampe Rangavalli 4

  • 2022
  • Porcelain and electric circuit
  • 22 x 12 cm H 42 cm
  • Price of the artwork: 750 euros

    This lamp is part of a work started more than two years ago. The Rangavalli project, a Sanskrit name for the drawings that Indian women make in front of the door of their house every day before sunrise.

    Rangavalli has a symbolic meaning, every day a new thing is created which is then destroyed and recreated, it represents the cyclicality of life and welcomes it every day with love and curiosity.


      Mirella Mazzariol was born in Italy. She studied architecture, goldsmithing and illustration. After working as an architect in Italy, she lived in Hong Kong, London and Luxembourg, where she took courses in ceramics and drawing.

      Artistic approach

      Mirella likes to work with different materials: ceramics, porcelain, silver, copper, enamel, metal wire, fabrics, plastic waste such as recycled nets, shells etc. The malleability of clay has opened up an infinite world of possibilities for expression. With her hands, she tries to bring out her feelings and experiences of life in clay, to give it a form that emerges from her inner self.

      This project starts from an everyday object, a series of plastic pipes used by plumbers, therefore poor, common, used in the construction of our houses, but usually hidden in the walls.


      They are made of porcelain, a more noble and malleable material, from moulds, then coloured and assembled. Firing at high temperatures can deform the porcelain and make it difficult to fit together.


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