Mask of Egypt

  • 2021
  • Bahama blue granite, Copper, Gold leaf, Resin/felt
  • H26cm, 11 x 18 cm
  • Price of the artwork: 4000 euro

    Experimental technique: fragments of stones (Bahama Blue Granite), retrieved from industry wastes are assembled with epoxy in the shape of a mask, in order to be modeled and polished to give the appearance of an ancient object; damaged, marked by centuries.


      Michel Metzler was born in 1992 in Luxembourg. After his schooling at the "Fräi ëffentlech Waldorfschoul Lëtzebuerg", where his creativity and his fascination for creation and manual work were encouraged, he went to art schools in Marseille (FR) and Maastricht (NL), to finally obtain his Bachelor of Fine Arts, speciality plastic arts, at the Alanus School of Art in Bonn/Alfter (DE) in 2018.

      Artistic approach

      Michel's preference for steel and stone was already apparent during his studies. Today he is looking for different ways to combine them. The theme of decay and evanescence is very present in his work.  It is reflected in the oxidised and damaged material and gives an antique appearance to his pieces. His works seek to enchant, create a mysterious atmosphere and invite the viewer to reflect on history, time and its transience. With his works, Michel Metzler wants to offer each observer a moment of fascination and to make him travel to bygone eras.


      This experimental technique uses fragments of stone (Bahama Blue Granite) that come from industrial waste. They are assembled with resin, in the shape of a mask, in order to be modelled and polished to give the appearance of an ancient object, damaged, marked by the centuries.


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