Marie-Isabelle Callier

Mi Ciudad Perdida

  • 2021
  • 240 x 170 cm
  • Japanese coated with encausBc wax
  • Indigo watercolor and medium
  • cedar frame (J.P. Ruelle and Menuiserie Schmidt)
  • Price of the artwork: 12000 euro

    "Mi Ciudad Perdida" is inspired by the lost paradises of ancient explorers' drawings and of course by Ciudad Perdida, the city of a vanished civilization in Colombia. It symbolises my elsewhere - past, present and future - to which I will never return, except in my dreams.


      Born on 18 June 1970. Belgian and Luxembourger. After graduating in Illustration at St-Luc in Brussels in 1991, Marie-Isabelle Callier won first prize in a short story and illustration competition (Troisième Phase, FNAC, Brussels.) She worked for 12 years as an info graphic designer and advertising illustrator. She then devoted herself to children's books and painting. As an illustrator and author, Marie-Isabelle has been published by various publishing houses, producing more than ten books, including, in Luxembourg: "Le trésor de Lucilinburhuc" and "Wichapi" for Editions Schortgen; "Eng Hand voll Gléck" for Editions Bicherhaischen (text by M.Horsmans); "Mystères aux Musées" for Friends of the Luxembourg Museums; and "Une petite catastrophe" for PersPektiv Editions. She also created the two "Christmas 2020" special edition stamps for Post Luxembourg. As a painter, her paintings and screens have been exhibited in Brussels, Luxembourg, Washington, Shanghai, Singapore and recently Paris. She lives and works in Luxembourg.


      The paper, once waxed, offers a velvety texture that plays with transparency depending on the lighting. The ink, applied with brushstrokes, beads and breathes, revealing different materials and transparencies depending on its density and its support


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