• 2021
  • 24 cm
  • Price of the artwork: 500 euros

    Asymmetrical casting porcelain vase, series 'Germinations', with stylised motifs evoking the plant world.


      Marianne Steinmetzer lives and works in Bridel. In 2004, she made her first paintings in glazed porcelain and created tableware in a modern classical style.  In 2010, she started to work with ceramics and to create photophores made of porcelain paper.  She then moved on to turned or cast porcelain pieces and began researching relief decorations and engobe.

      Artistic approach

      Since the beginning, she has favoured porcelain as a means of expression, a material that appeals to her because of its texture and finesse, and which poses constant challenges because of its fragility and instability during firing.  His ceramics question the links between function and aesthetics. Useful and functional by their form, the containers become decorative objects and remain unique pieces or small series. 


      Turned or cast in plaster moulds, decorated with engobes or painted by hand, the bowls, dishes or candle holders are then fired at high temperature, which gives them the waterproofness and translucence characteristic of porcelain.


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